zondag, september 21, 2008

TOP 10 requested features for Google Chrome

As you all may know Google popped up recently with their fancy new browser called Chrome. In only one day they picked already 1% of the browser's market space. That's impressive.

I am also one of the thousands of users that is very fond of this new tool. But I am also very aware of the fact that still a lot of features are missing to make it a real Internet Explorer replacer. This is my personal TOP 10 of requested features:
  1. Google Toolbar; and of course I don't mean the searchbox. I am referring to the Google bookmarks integration, the Google search tags highlighting feature and the quick link buttons.
  2. Google Bookmarks integration I; I find it quite ackward that Google didn't implement this already. I don't like to store my bookmarks only locally. I want to have them in a centralized online repository so that I can look them up everywhere I am. 
  3. Google Bookmarks integration II; A second point of integration is in the searchbox: I want to search the internet, my history and my own bookmarks in one go (Google Toolbar does this already).
  4. Support for the ackward IE6 rendering; as I use SPS2003 / WSS2 (Microsoft Sharepoint stuff) based websites for my corporate activities a lot, I want support for this. At this moment when I view such a website all kinds of things are broken: sometimes navigational links aren't displayed, sometimes complete pieces of content aren't displayed.
  5. Support for Microsoft Exchange 2003's Outlook Web Access (OWA); OWA doesn't recognize Chrome as a full-fledged browser which results in the rendering of a downgraded version without the ajax stuff and the nice ui presentation.
  6. Support for ActiveX controls; I hope this will be launched quite soon. I understand these controls aren't safe but it is still the de facto standard for browser extensions such as the upload control of Microsoft Skydrive and the smart terminal window of Logmein.com.
  7. Fullscreen mode; as lean and mean the space might be that is taken by the tabs and the address bar (and the bookmarks bar), I still would like to press F11 to go to fullscreen mode sometimes. This would still give 90 essential pixels more space!
  8. IE browser addons; I really would like to add the Delicious IE browser addon to Chrome.
  9. Better shell integration; there are some pros to the way Chrome handles downloading of files. But sometimes I really would like to click on a link and the coupled application be launched immediately. Now I have to save the file first to disk.
  10. XML viewer; IE has a built-in XML viewer. I use it a lot.
I hope this helps Google to set the right priorities :)