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Exploring advanced DOM interop with Blazor WebAssembly

With the establishment of WebAssembly in the browser space, JavaScript is not the only option anymore to run code in the browser. You can start building your modern web applications in any language of choice. Recently Microsoft has released the first version of Blazor WebAssembly. It enables you as a .NET developer to run .NET code through WebAssembly. Blazor also comes with a websocket based server model. You can check out Blazor on Microsoft Docs: I have been building a couple of Blazor experiments myself, of which the following two stand out: Real-time Blazor server web app. I have added a second SignalR hub to this app in order to communicate signals from one Blazor session to another. [ Blogged ] [ Source code ] [ Try it online ] Deep zoom (perturbation based!) Mandelbrot with Blazor Source code . If I find time I will blog about all my adventures to getting this deep zoom Mandelbrot to work! Try it online It was the latt