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Azure Resource Management: Switch-AzureMode is not recognized

For all of you working in Visual Studio with the Azure Resource Management (ARM) templates: When you get the PowerShell exception that the cmdlet Switch-AzureMode cannot be found, please take note of the following: 23 November: Microsoft released Azure PowerShell 1.0 and deprecated / removed the former ARM Switch-AzureMode completely. Based on clear feedback this stateful model was absolutely not desired: 30 November: Microsoft released Azure SDK 2.8. This incorporates new ARM templates for Visual Studio, based on the new ARM cmdlets. You can download the SDK over here: 30 November: Microsoft released Visual Studio 2015 update 1. This does not update Azure SDK. You will need to update the SDK yourself. So bottom-line, don’t mix Azure PowerShell 1.0 with the former versions of Azure SDK pre 2.8. Enjoy working with the ARM toolset! If you are looking for a tutorial, I