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TOP 10 requested features for Google Chrome

As you all may know Google popped up recently with their fancy new browser called Chrome. In only one day they picked already 1% of the browser's market space. That's impressive.

I am also one of the thousands of users that is very fond of this new tool. But I am also very aware of the fact that still a lot of features are missing to make it a real Internet Explorer replacer. This is my personal TOP 10 of requested features:
Google Toolbar; and of course I don't mean the searchbox. I am referring to the Google bookmarks integration, the Google search tags highlighting feature and the quick link buttons.Google Bookmarks integration I; I find it quite ackward that Google didn't implement this already. I don't like to store my bookmarks only locally. I want to have them in a centralized online repository so that I can look them up everywhere I am. Google Bookmarks integration II; A second point of integration is in the searchbox: I want to search the internet, my histor…