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Client-side search webpart extension for filtering on followed sites

As all of you know SharePoint 2013 comes with a much improved search webpart infrastructure. One can even build search filters based on user profile properties in order to build personalized experiences (refer to the Technet article Query variables in SharePoint 2013 ). Strangely, it is currently not possible to filter search results based on the followed sites. Take the scenario where you have hundreds of sites that have stored documents, list items, etc. and you want to show a list of recently added items to the user for all his followed sites. (people that can't wait and want the ready-to-use solution: go straight to the ce_followedsites.html gist. Others, read along!) JavaScript-only solutions have their limitations Most examples in the blogosphere provide a JavaScript focused solution where you need to include the specific business rules into code for filtering and rendering. What I started to wondering whether it would be possible to extend the search webparts with a c

WhatsApp integration with your CRM system

A Dutch retailer published some interesting news: they were successful in integrating their CRM system with the WhatsApp channel. WhatsApp is currently the most often used app on mobile devices: 4 out of 10 users are using WhatsApp business-wise; in average people receive 65 new messages per day; People in the age range of 18 and 34 even receive 150 message per day, and send 60 messages per day on average. Deep integration between WhatsApp and CRM For me the catch in this news is the option that WhatsApp provides options to integrate the communication stream into one's backend system. When a customer sends a message, the CRM system provides full context information towards the employee: who, what, where.