donderdag, mei 09, 2013

Some preparation tips for Microsoft exam 70-480 Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

Last week I managed to pass the Microsoft exam 70-480 Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 successfully. Some tips:

To prepare yourself you could do the following:

  1. Start right away with a test exam; as the exam will mostly test your basic skills, chance is big that you will already possess most of the required knowledge;
  2. Then study all the items you felt uncomfortable of thoroughly; expect a study load of around 10+ hours;
  3. Test your newly acquired knowledge with another test exam.

PLEASE NOTE: With regards to CSS3; don't waste your time with studying all the available w3c CSS3 draft specifications, as these are by far not ratified yet. Focus on the css3 features that Microsoft has included into Internet Explorer 10. Ultimately it is a Microsoft exam after all! The Internet Explorer (IE10) guide for developers can be found at the following url:

The exam consisted out of 39 questions and among others the following was questioned:


  • the new semantic / functional elements: figure, figcaption, svg, canvas, aside, article, nav, progress


  • box model (IE10 specific implementation)
  • grid layout (IE10 specific implementation; interestingly, in the meanwhile w3c has already introduced a completely new approach)
  • text shadow (there was an error in the exam! h- and v-shadow were wrongly exchanged!)
  • relative vs absolute
  • 1 inch = 72 points


  • A lot of jQuery! Among others you should really take a good look at the ajax API (cache, async, accepts, username, password properties, how to determine the mime-type of the result)
  • event handlers
  • web workers (html5)
  • messaging (html5)
  • inheritance/object-oriented programming: prototype, constructor, apply, call

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